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R&D Prototype offers insert molding solutions to fulfill functional short run needs.  One of the major benefits from insert molding is that it offers our customers the ability to have an actual production material part without the cost of traditional tooling.  Production injection and blow mold services are available through R&D/Leverage. 
(RTV) molding — creates finished products for prototyping, functional testing and short-run production. Considering tool life and cycle times, it is ideal for small quantities (25 - 100 castings) because it offers lead times and costs that are well below that of machining or injection molding.

Silicone molds are made by pouring silicone rubber over a 3D printed pattern. After curing, the resulting firm but flexible mold can produce parts with extremely complex geometry, intricate detail and tight tolerances. The parts are cast from a silicone mold made with thermoset materials (commonly urethanes) that are available with a vast array of mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.

We offer a wide range of material durometers from soft to a hard plastic.  Durometer is one of several measures of the hardness of a material.  Hardness may be defined as a material's resistance to permanent indentation.  
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Large Cast Urethane Housing 60 Shore D